Marriage is the most prestigious day in a woman’s life. Usually, girls plan out their wedding day right from childhood. Wearing the best and designer lehenga is the dream of every girl. These are some fabulous tips for women out there who are shopping for their bridal lehengas.

The lehenga designs can be based on two types:

  1. Know your body shape well
  • For the heavy bottom type or the “pear shaped”

Go for simple and straight cuts. Avoid a hip-hugging dress. While wearing a sari do not go for the heavy bordered ones and choose a light printed sari, as bold prints will add more volume to your shape and frame.

  • For the heavy on top shape

It is usually the same as the pear shaped type. Don’t go for hip hugging dresses, rather a simple and straight cut will do wonders.

  • The lucky ones – perfect shaped or “hourglass” type

Anything you wear will go with your figure. You just need to take care of your height and complexion.

  • For the slim figure

Choose a dress that will add volume to your figure. For this, your saree or lehenga can be of tissue or any cloth which can give a baggy fit. The same holds true if you are wearing a gown, you can go for fluffy, balloon look around your waist giving you a fuller look.

  • For the heavy ones from all side

Avoid any kinds of pleated or flared clothing or bold prints also horizontal lines, prefer single color attires, vertical line dresses, slender heels, avoid chunky jewelry.

  • Your complexion


  • For the very fair skinned

Dark colors just look fabulous with your skin tone. You can do experiment with colors like white, pink or blue. Avoid brown color.

  • For the fair skinned

Wear neutral colors, Try avoiding bright colors if you have ‘warmer’ skin tone. Best colors for you are Cool Pink, blue, yellow pastels.

  • For the brown or gold undertones skinned

For Wheatish skin tone, it is best to wear rich and warm colors like shades of Orange, gold and brown, and shades of grey in lighter colors. Avoid bright colors and pastels.

  • For dark undertones

Wear pale colors, such as shades of yellow and blue. For brighter colors, wear true reds and bright greens. Avoid black and white.


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