Bhutan is an incredible place on earth to visit. If you are like me, a free bird then you would definitely understand the spirit of exploring this heavenly place. My visit to Bhutan was my luxury birthday getaway combined with adventurous journey that started from the Bhutan border after getting down from the train. Upon reaching the Bhutan soil, I felt relieved. There was a strange tranquillity in the air around. As my destination called me for Thimphu, I got super excited as my real Bhutan journey was about to begin. In my heart I knew the actual reason for this excitement. My next destination is a paradise in itself amidst nature’s greenery- The Terma Linca Resort and Spa. An awestruck place full of luxury covered exponentially around.

Impressive Location

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Just beside the scenic Himalayan river named Wangchhu River, the Terma Linca Resort and Spa stands gracefully waving its rustic appearance. I was taken aback at the sight of the cool, mountain river that flows through the rocky land surface. All the way inside the resort from the pathway beside the river will surely mesmerize you.

Infinitely Comfy Accommodation

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After a long journey, I was literally dying to take a shower and just lie down for a bit. Needless to say, my room was awaiting my arrival. Just after getting welcomed in the reception like traditional Bhutanese style, I look nowhere but straight went inside my room. And I was actually surprised to see the beauty of the room. My cozy room was equipped with a large, soft and clean bed, wardrobe with safe, TV, sofa set and every essential amenities that you can expect in a luxury resort. The bathroom was super clean, refreshing, lavish-looking with a bathtub, bathroom vanity, toiletries, and bathrobes- all to make me feel pampered. One can choose from Suite to deluxe rooms as per needs and budget. But I can say this; each room is spacious, exotic and feels just like home.

The Food Brings Smiles

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Yes, I was overwhelmed by the exotic Bhutanese flavours and aromas of the local, authentic dishes. The Terma Linca has restaurant and bar named APA's Restaurant that delivers organic food cooked with outstanding culinary arts. So if you are looking for some delectable, mouth-watering cuisine that is made with organic crops, then this is the place for you. From mixed vegetables to spicy pickles, you can never get enough of the delicious taste.

A Time For Rejuvenation

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Just for a relaxing time, I headed for the STEAM and SAUNA, the ultimate spa therapy zone at the resort. It was an amazing experience that brought wellness experience as well as revitalizing effect. A stop by the spa facility is a must if you are craving for a spa massage or other forms of relaxation therapy.

Power Of Fitness

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Terma Linca Gym centre is an all-equipped place that overlooks the beautiful river flowing. I made it a point to kick start my day with my usual fitness routine. And be it the environment or the charm of Bhutan, I cannot say, but I felt completely fit and healthy within myself.

Lovely Activities To Enjoy

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I am like ‘try out every new thing’ type of girl. And Terma Linca has some of the really outstanding activities for their guests such as archery, dart- a special Bhutanese game, indoor games and lots more. The best part is, you can take up a cooking class from the master chef out there. The resort also arranges cultural programs on request that boasts the traditional Bhutanese dance and music. Also if you are a fun loving soul, then you might love to hangout with barbecue and drinks by the riverside.

Friendly And Helpful Staffs

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Nothing will be complete if I do not mention that there is a particular beautiful thing present within the Bhutanese people. They are extremely friendly and helpful. My days at Terma Linca were more awesome as I got to meet so great staffs out there.

Marvellous And Calming Views

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The soothing and aesthetically beautiful views around the resort are something to tuck inside your heart forever. The high, cloud covered mountains, lush green picture perfect forest view and the soft sound of the river have a magical effect to your mind and body.

Perfect For Anyone

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No matter how you plan to enjoy your vacation, this resort is absolutely bliss. From honeymoon couple’s time out to group trip or family vacation, Terma Linca never fails to surprise.

I am thirsty for exploring Bhutan and my thirst is quenched by this wonderful resort, Terma Linca Resort, and Spa. I have no words to explain what I felt there. I just wish to keep visiting this stunning resort, again and again, indulging myself in true luxury. For more details, Visit Here

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