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Hi, I am Crazy Wanderer!
Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.
Crazy Wanderer is a leading name in promoting travel and developing business strategies in the Indian market. Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, we are into offering pioneering solutions in promoting both domestic and international travel including 360 degree business approach that blends with Digital Marketing, Business Strategy Development, Sales And Market Analysis.
Being a specialist in travel and digital marketing, we can combine the best of both and find truly unique solutions for our clients that deals in Luxury travel, Business travel, Lifestyle, Hotels and Resorts, Travel accessories and lots more. With our strong digital marketing background and a highly professional team, we can put our client’s businesses into a leading position thereby fetching far reaching exposure.
Crazy Wanderer has three offices in Vadodara with 30+ professionals in different fields, enhancing our business strength and catering diverse services in both travel and digital marketing. We work with immense dedication and commitment for either integrated service or customized one. Because we are into travel and business as our core strengths, we have separate services in both the fields.
*Our Digital Marketing division caters services to Healthcare, Hospitality, Fashion, Entertainment, Real Estate and all the major categories of industries. Want to know more on our Digital Marketing service? Click here

*Our Travel Segment caters full-fledged services that include Luxury Travel, Business Travel, Airlines, Car Rentals, Hotel/Resorts. We help our clients in driving business through inventive ways and eye catching imagery so that their business get noticed. Crazy Wanderer focuses on the following activities:

Online Marketing And Customizing Strategies For Sales
  • With effective online marketing strategies, we will be able to reinforce multiple ways to facilitate your overall sales. The more your services and products will get visibility; the more popular they will be.
  • And in this competitive market, only the much talked about service/product wins the golden apple. The number of sales depends on the right marketing technique. And with the majority of today’s generation being internet savvy, people are always into online platforms while searching for something or buying anything. This is where comes the importance of online marketing that fruitfully enhances the chance of more number of sales and drives good traffic to your company websites.
  • Depending on the requirement of a particular business and discussing the goal and objectives, we sketch a customizable plan to implement the internet marketing solutions.
  • We understand business criteria, type of company, style of operation, location and all the other essential aspects prior to conducting an online marketing campaign.
Market Research And Analysis
  • We gather valuable and relevant information as per client’s demand for their specific business needs. This includes consumer preference, market demands, and latest trend. 
  • Market research is essential as this provides necessary insight that is required in order to create a strong presence in the online market and promote a brand. 
  • Followed by market research we conduct analysis of the collected data and discuss, suggest or implement appropriate strategies accordingly. Analysis is important to help us understand the drawbacks of a business and the way we can help it improve. 
  • From content to customer service, there’s always room for improvement and polish. And at Crazy Wanderer, we believe no business is born to see failure. 
  • We are here to boost our clients through the collection of data, analysis, and monitor and interpret. To promote your business digitally, consider market research and analysis as a primary step.
Product Endorsement
  • Our skillful and professional group is proficient enough to endorse products of our clients, recommending them publicly so that our client’s business soars high and reach a potential level of popularity in the market. 
  • One of the effective ways to successfully continue a business advertising campaign is by the use of product endorsement. We can help you reach this goal with our extensive promotions, featuring your services and products to viewers, readers and popularize it. 
  • We endorse diverse business profiles including luxury travel, high-end resorts and villas, exotic restaurants, spas and beauty salons, real estate, educational institutes, airlines, finance sectors, media industry, logistics, healthcare and all the sectors you can think of. We are ready to rock no matter what your business profile is.
Print And Digital Media Support
  • We respect the fact that print media still hold importance in this digital era. To facilitate this we are into both digital and print media support for advertising, promotions, and content. 
  • In digital media support, we provide digital content, website developing, advertising, online banner, logo designing, brochure creation and lots more. In print media support we are providing hard copy magazines, brochure, ebooks and others. 
  • The brand taglines, logo and business cards are also available in print media for businesses who are looking for an all-around support. 
  • Everything depends on how you want to utilize and implement the business strategies to your advantage.
Lead Generation
  • Now it is easier to get the lead generation with digital technologies. Lead generation helps in fuelling business sales. The best way to bring the potential people to your site is termed as lead generation. 
  • And this is the finest way to increase the sales funnel for a business. Lead generation remains as a big hurdle for startups, but with our innovative and focused stages of business strategies and approach, lead generation is only a matter of time before it hits a business, procuring success. 
  • Some of the ways to get leads are Twitter marketing for brand awareness and generate traffic. 
  • LinkedIn has got promising lead generation features with an increased amount of audience each year. 
  • Facebook is the golden bowl for various promotional activities that can influence the audience and fetch potential leads. 
  • And another super digital marketing baby is Youtube videos that elaborately display services/products of a business and reach to a broader section of the society.
Promoting Luxury And Business Travel
  • Our primary motive is to capture the attention of luxury travelers and business person who needs to travel frequently. For both vacation and business trips, we are focusing on luxury resorts, 5-star hotels, boutique villas, high-end airline services, lounge services, luxury car rentals, and travel accessories. 
  • As both the luxury and business travel industry continues to grow we keep on expanding our arena of services and bringing new trends to enhance the travel experience. 
  • Crazy wanderer promotes luxury and business travel through eye-catching contents in the form of blogs, visual contents, social media posts, review articles on all major channels and sharing travel marketing ideas too.
Custom Design Publication To Display Hotel/Resort And Airlines Recommendations
  • Our design team creates powerful and lucrative logos, brochure, and visual content in various forms to recommend high-end hotels, resorts, airlines so that they become noticeable and popular. 
  • We also create new website designs from scratch, transforming client’s sites into an incredible source of information that not just displays plain text, but opens a world of fascination.
  • We design magazine and ebooks to showcase the luxurious properties and airlines upon client’s request.
Developing Brand Awareness Through Organic Digital Marketing And Visual Representation
  • Search Engine marketing is very much essential to improving brand visibility. So a company web page must rank high to get more visibility on the search engine platforms. 
  • Both organic and paid search engine marketing campaign is essential in this regard.
  • Link building supports Google page ranking. With quality link building, your company can build trust and long-term authority on Google.
  • Visual representation is a solid ground that triggers interests among viewers that ultimately works to enhance the brand awareness. 
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We would love to hear from you. Drop us an email at pankti@crazywanderer.com and let’s be crazy friends to chat about your brand!

Much Love, xx
Crazy Wanderer