About Crazywanderer

Hi, I am Crazy Wanderer!
I am Pankti Shah, a traveler by heart and an entrepreneur by passion. You can call me an avid speaker, a day-night dreamer, a keen writer and a passionate lover of Yoga. I'm a solo traveler luster and enjoy a life as a happy traveling soul.I love spreading smiles by my initiative, "Be Charitable"- it's an NGO which is providing education, life lessons to less privileged and working on breaking stereotypes from society.
Crazy Wanderer is my attempt to share my travel stories, to motivate people to travel more. With just blogging skills I will not be able to satisfy my travel dreams so I decided to use my marketing skills and convert it into a business. Now I own an office in Vadodara, Gujarat, which provides digital marketing services. I am into travel blogging, content writing, social media marketing, SEO, graphic designing, product & service review, yoga workshops and corporate training. I have a dedicated and highly talented team to facilitate with my work.

What not?
I'm an explorer! I love to taste different cultures. The places I visit are risked on my own and not paid by companies either. I’m a budget traveler, I prefer to sleep in budget hotels and hostels, travel by buses and taste local foods on the roadside!! + they have that authentic taste!! I share my experience here for my fellow travelers who fire up their pockets when travelling!
If you are a traveler, looking out for genuine tips and tricks on budget travel, then you are the right place! Welcome to my Blog!

What makes my blog unique?

I never feature companies for bucks! I credit only companies that I use on my travel experience. All the suggestions that I offer here are purely tested and experienced my myself. My blog is a pure bliss for solo female travelers! I never showcase companies, websites or restaurant services that don’t allow me to ramp the road.

How I became a hipster travel writer?


I was grown up from a very small village in Gujarat and was never a big traveler. Until I was 27, I did not explore the overseas. Other than visiting to my relative's place and a college trip to Bhuj. I had no travel experience. After college, I got a decent paying job and a Sunday off. But just one day off and gushing to work again on Monday's seemed tiresome. After three years of working life finally I convinced myself to quit the job to travel the world. I quitted my job in Jan 2015 and my first trip was to Rishikesh, India. This trip was a great eye opener to the possibilities. I experienced different cultures, got strayed in a mountain, learned yoga and met new people from around the world. From that moment, I was hooked on travel. All I wanted to do was to just travel and learn more about different cultured people.

How Sri Lanka trip changed my life

I happen to meet backpackers in Colombo who showed me that I don’t have to be rich or depend on a job to travel the world. They were very inspiring and a full time traveler, which admired me a lot. I wished to be myself. This trip gave me a great relief and I then completed my doctorate and started a travel blog. My goal to travel the world started since then.
I’ve traveled to most all parts of India and over 4 countries. I love to explore cultures and make myself sturdy, hard to taste local food, sleep in a not - so - cozy place, meet new friends and people. I then decided to take a chance to help travelers around the world with my tips! Like how the backpackers changed my life!

If you have ever dreamt to learn how to travel budget friendly and make your dream come true, save bucks and travel the universe, then you are on the right place!!! This blog will offer you tried and tested tips, advice and travel suggestion to make your dream come true.

Here you will find:

  • Tried and tested travel tips and advice
  • Guests posts from other travelers
  • Profiles of well - known travel bloggers
  • A community for solo female travelers
  • Travel projects
  • Yoga sessions with me
  • A comprehensive travel guide on countries I traveled
  • Digital marketing services, all under one roof.

My only thought that keeps revolving in my mind is how to guide you better? Effectively and efficiently. To make it happen I found way to make things reach you in the name of "blog".

Thanks for stopping ! And I look forward to help you travel more!

Much Love, xx
Crazy Wanderer

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