Having done with my daily chores, here i am sitting in my balcony sipping the hot coffee and looking outside my four wall boundary world. Today when i asked my six year old young champ to bring his father a glass of water, the reply got me into some thinking. He simply said, “Mumma, why should I? It’s your job to do this!” Really? Are we so trapped in this four wall world that this is only our duty to work for the family and their welfare but they can’t even lift a spoon? I don’t blame my toddler for his response, but this is how the society has turned up. I am a housewife but I work full time and my payment is the smile which I get on the faces of my family members. My husband serves a 10 to 6 job, brings the money from which we get our bread and butter. But can these bread and butter be available if it is not cooked and served to them? I don’t say that men don’t work or help in the household chores but is it really my duty to keep them happy or is it the responsibility I have taken up by myself? People have often misinterpreted by the words duty and my own happily taken responsibility. For me, it is bliss to serve my family with whatever makes them happy but it will be wrong if it is called my duty. Duty will only degrade my role.

A Housewife- Why Is It My Duty

So i would say to the beautiful minds and readers out there that it is not the duty of your mother or your wife to serve you happiness but rather she had taken up the responsibility willingly that you are happy in your life. It can never be compared to a mere word duty when her role in your life is much more important than just serving you as an employee for life. Do not take her for granted.

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