Ladies, this post is a total dedication to you all. Women are just simply fabulous. Totally awesome! Nothing can just beat us. Keeping your mascara on the mark to make boys dance to your tune, women master every art. We are our own bosses and can independent as hell. Here are eight reasons why every girl is a badass.

1. Record Breakers

1623 women from different walks of life became one unit and broke the Guinness World Record. PUMA took the initiative by being a part of “Do You” campaign organized an event which broke the Guinness World Records for the highest number of people to hold the abdominal plank position and that too for one minute. This event was conducted in Jio Garden in Mumbai on the 6th November. The women who had participated showed off their ‘initial’ strength and totally nailed it! The event was started by many women achievers in their respective fields such as Jacqueline Fernandez, medalist Sakshi Malik, actor Kalki Koechlin and Anushka Manchanda to name just a few!

2. Give Us Anything, We’ll Nail It

Any women when given a task, will nail it perfectly with excellence and perfection. We are the lovers of perfection and do the task accordingly. Moreover, we can handle work, family, fun, finance, parties, gossips and what not at the same time. Hell! We are perfect multitaskers as well.

3. Pain, Always Accompanied

 Pain, Always AccompaniedDear boys, try waxing your hair, or plucking your eyebrow, or go through the pain of bleeding every month! No boss! It’s not a kid’s work. Women are mastered in a way that they go through this pain every month. The pain doesn’t stop them from waxing or beautifying, they are always anyways up for it.

4. Communication Is Our Key

Communication Is Our KeyAaah! We communicate like no one else. We are the slaves of clarification and every girl demands a  perfect open communication. We can communicate like pros and get our work done. From heavy bargaining to condolence, we have it in us as a God gift.

5. Memories As Sharp As Sword

Better watch out in front of a girl, because she will remember things to her grave; probably even after that, who knows! :D But on a serious note, keep things straight with a girl as she can remember every fucking thing with dates as a major subject. She will never forget a thing and will use it when you have no clue about it.

6. Advice Machine

Advice MachineWe are not just great communicators, but also great listeners and advisors. Got a problem, talk to us and you’ll be sorted for life. We can listen to anything and almost everything with similar zeal and patience. You just need to open your heart and pour away your pain and agony.

7. Heartbreaks! Nah, Will Deal With It

We master the art of dealing with pain, be it physical or mental. Breakups are tough for anyone, but we have ways to get out of it. We can deal with anything and give us time, we can be proved happiest even if alone. We do not need to depend on any other person for our happiness. So girls! Be proud and get over the heartbreaks.

8. You Just Cannot Have Enough Ogling Us 

Look at the most beautiful creation of mankind, GIRLS! From perfect hair clip to phenomenal boots, everything is just so beautiful that you cannot take your eyes off her. We are gorgeous and we are beautiful! We take time to polish ourselves, but hey! It’s worth a wait.

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