Ideally, proving your value to your “Boss” will always have great rewards, but there are some bosses out there who are just plain difficult to deal with. Nothing pleases them and the very idea of offering you something that you need to somehow goes against the very fiber of their beings. They are also called as “Street fighters”

Street fighters are someone who can win only if the other loses. This kind of person will not be interested in win/win negotiating and even if they get most of the concessions, he doesn’t feel like a winner until the other has lost. But don’t worry, you can handle them painless! These brilliant tips on how to deal your Bossies will help you with everything! Good Luck.

1. Listen And ModifyListen and Modify

The secret here is to listen more and not to argue! No matter how much your point is valid, your boss is always right! Listen to them and modify accordingly. Learn as much as possible this attitude can mean a lot.

2. Interactions – The BestInteractions - The best

Instead of taking your boss down, try to interact with them. Talk to them about the issues you go through and ask for advice. Chances are that they can suggest you some excellent ideas and you can also grow out your “Bossy” bond. Keep all your egos aside, and ask for feedbacks genuinely and work on the solutions!

3. Don’t Complain About Them To Your Co – WorkersDon’t complain about them to your co - workers

I know, this is something that cannot be omitted, but honestly, they are not going to help you out! Always maintain a distance with your co – staffs and act professionally. You will never know who does good for you and who does not. Being too liberal will with them makes your guard lower which might work for their benefit. Be Clever.

4. Work Hard To Beat Them!Work hard to Beat them!

If your work is flawless, no one is going to buzz yours! You have to be very good at your work. This If your work is flawless, no one is going to buzz yours! You have to be very good at your work. This means you must meet your deadlines, make more work and be very soft to others while not opening up “Office Politics”, if you do these then your boss is going to love you for your work. And not for something else.

5. Wait…. AlwaysWait…. Always

Before reacting to anything always wait for the situation to happen. Don’t ponder before! Take a deep breath and control your feelings! This will help you a lot to be yourself!

6. Consider Yourself “Bossy”Consider yourself

We all have our own opinions. Sometimes they do clash and situations might get worse! Before you prove this, try to think yourself boss – means on your boss’s perspective. There might be a secret valid point in the middle of all mayhem. Listen to them without breaking them. This way you are able to make most of the bossy ascent!

7. Talk To Your SeniorTalk to your senior

If all the above-mentioned tips fail, then you must take the matter to your higher officials or to a senior who can help you to sort this out. But make sure to take the right decision and don’t just fall for them.


Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.

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