With more than 300 ethnic groups and the largest archipelago in Asia, Indonesia is full of diverse culture. The Indonesian food is full of vibrant colors and tastes in the world, with its intense flavors. It differs from region to region, but the taste doesn’t sublime in any part. The fresh herbs and the spices add up to the flavors of the cuisine to make it delicious and lovable. Indonesian cuisine is also rich in seafood, which cannot beat the taste anywhere in the world. Below are 6 tasty Indonesian cuisines:

6 Tasty Indonesian Cuisines

1. Sate Ayam/ Sate Kambing Of Indonesia

Sate Ayam/ Sate Kambing In Indonesia

In Indonesia, one can find different types and varieties of sate, but two of the common versions are Sate Ayam, which is chicken sate and another one is Sate Kambing, which is goat sate. It is one of the most mouthwatering and tantalizing foods of Indonesia. This recipe basically includes the meat marinated in sweet kecap manis soy sauce, before being skewered.

2. Nasi Goreng  Of Indonesia

This is the best food of Indonesia or can be considered as the signature dish of Indonesia. This dish consists of stir-fried rice complemented with eggs, chicken, salted dried fish, goat, meat’ chilies, and veggies. This is also the national food of Indonesia.

3. Bakso Of Indonesia

Bakso In Indonesia

It is one of the widely available street foods in Indonesia. This recipe includes minced meat balls mixed with some tapioca starch, which gives it a bounce and addictive structure. It is served with the chicken broth soup, rice vermicelli, yellow chicken noodles. It is not spicy, but there are always chilies and seasonings available with it to add to one’s own bowl.

4. Soto Of Indonesia

It is an Indonesian traditional soup, mainly served in a savory chicken broth with turmeric. Soto can be complemented with shredded chicken, eggs, rice vermicelli and crispy fried shallots which make it much more mouthwatering and delicious.

5. Gulai Otak Of Indonesia

Gulai Otak In Indonesia

Gulai Otka is a curry where the main ingredient is the brain. You can usually find the goat or the lamb brain, but the most popularly used brain is the cow brains.  These brains are cooked in the spicy, creamy curry sauces and the other dry spices. This is excessively creamy and will completely overwhelm your mouth.

6. Kolak Of Indonesia

Kolak In Indonesia

Kolak is one of the most loved desserts in the Indonesia believe me is a treat to your stomach as well as the heart. It is a mix of sweet potato, cassava, banana, and pumpkin. All the ingredients are diced into small pieces and then stewed in coconut milk and palm sugar and also part of 6 Tasty Indonesian Cuisines.

Some of the other flavors that add to the Indonesian cuisine, that you must include in your Indonesian food menu are:

  • Gado Gado
  • Murtabak
  • Nasi Campur
  • Pecel
  • Longtong
  • Lumpia
  • Sayur Asem
  • Tumpeng

Indonesian culture, food is one among the most vibrant, delicious cuisines and is full of authentic and royal flavors. If you are a foodie, try tasting these delicious dishes and if you tasted any already, do comment below.

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