Do you really want your honeymoon pics to be fizzy and pep? Look at these bunch of pictures that we gathered. so here are 6 Photos To Take With Your Bae On Your Honeymoon! 

1. The Sunset Shot

The sunset shot

This doesn’t have to be a cheesy pic with a sun setting behind, but a nice pair shot will be always be something that you might be glad you have post vacation.

2. The Hotel Room We Stayed Picture

The hotel room we stayed picture

You might don’t wish to post this in your facebook photo album, but this is a must have – to remember all those ‘Honeymoon’ memories.

3. The Danced Till We Dropped’ Shot

the danced till we droped shot

Hey, come on, it’s your honeymoon – you are supposed to be loose! Take photos of each other getting down on the dance floor!

4. The Beach Shot!

The beach shot

Beach Honeymoons are great and interesting!  Just ask someone to take a shot! And it will always be a memory to cherish!

5. The Romantic Shot!

The romantic shot

This shot will be unforgettable! You both must be all dressed and it’s the ‘MUST’ in your honeymoon album! So dress up and get ready for the shot.

6. The ‘That’s All Folks’ Shot

End your honeymoon album with a photo of saying goodbye!


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