The year 2018 is characterized by a lot of new challenges in the field of business as well as technological advancements. As the focus of most of the company’s marketing strategy is social media, 2018 is the perfect time to emphasize on how to make the most out of each platform.  Social media platforms are going to revolutionize your marketing strategy through video marketing trend in 2018.While Facebook is the largest video sharing platform, Instagram is giving an opportunity to the brands to communicate with their followers. Quora has become a video sharing platform and most of the Twitter audiences watch videos.

Thus, it is clear that videos are dominating the attention of the audiences of social media. We will discuss below video marketing trends so that you can make a marketing plan in 2018.


Role of Video on Facebook

Role Of Video On Facebook

Facebook Watch, the new entry to Facebook, aims at converting Facebook to the biggest platform for video sharing. Facebook Watch will allow users to find new trending episodes and to save them. Users will be able to enjoy new videos with their friends. YouTube is now going to lose their video crown to Facebook.

More than 6 billion people view Facebook videos every day.

In order to take advantage of Facebook Watch, you should collaborate with other influencers of Facebook Watch. Get defined information on Facebook marketing strategy through various Facebook marketing company.


Role of Video in Quora

Role Of Video In Quora

Quora, the king of Q&A, has introduced the system of posting video answers. Quora has already beaten “Yahoo Answers” and now video answers of Quora will capture the How-To-Video market soon. Quora will give more importance to Facebook than YouTube Videos in answer feeds. These video answers will solve people’s real-life questions. Thus Quora videos will provide you with business solutions.


Live Video

Live Video

You watch live debates in news channels with the help of support systems and complex equipment. Have you ever imagined that live show would be possible on your smartphone? Live video enables you to collaborate with your followers from anywhere around the world. Try to make a live video one of your main business strategy because the live video is getting importance on a social media platform.


Mobile Optimized Videos

360 Degree Videos

We have so far experienced videos horizontally. But now the time is changing. Snapchat has lighted the vertical video revolution. Vertical videos are more reachable to people than horizontal videos. Instagram proves that how vertical videos are revolutionizing through social media mobile users. Buffer found that vertical videos have beaten horizontal videos regarding views and engagement on all social media platforms. Moreover, vertical videos are cost-effective.

Today people use all-screen mobile devices. Try to use mobile friendly videos for your marketing planning so that they can bring more engagement rates. Thus it is clear that in 2018 social media platforms will encourage mobile-optimized content and videos for better reach.


360-Degree Videos

Mobile Optimized Videos
Mobile Optimized Videos

360-degree videos, introduced in 2014, have been a trend in 2017. This video was used by almost 85% businesses as an effective marketing strategy. This new technology uses omnidirectional cameras and is featured by a spherical video capture of a space. This year 360-degree video is going to explode.


Video Advertising through AR

In order to reach audience businesses should use Augmented Reality (AR) on mobile devices. Apple has recently introduced iPhone8 and iPhoneX, where AR is being pushed for the masses. AR has the ability to get organic reach on social media. Now it is time to think about how to make use of AR for your customers. For more details you can go for reputed social media marketing agency in India and work in the systematic way to shine in this digital world.



If you capitalize these trends, you will stay ahead of your competitors. During drafting your marketing strategy for 2018, try to consider these strategies.

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