You know, what is more, worst than not having a beard? It is having a patchy and weird beard. But don’t worry we have 5 ultimate ways for fixing a patchy beard.

1. Keep It Short

 Keep It ShortIf a patchy beard has been your problem since the very beginning, maybe you should steer clear of growing it that far. Maintain an unkempt stubble instead.

2. Grow It Out

Another way to conceal patchiness is by growing out your facial hair until the patchiness disappears.

3. Keep It Brushed

 Keep It BrushedThis is a very basic principle. Using a brush will volume up your beard, make it fluffy and conceal the patchiness.

4. Even It Out

Do your patches still consist of facial hair and are not barren at all?Then you should definitely consider to even out your facial hair by using a trimmer. Trimming down your facial hair down to the same length as the hair in the patchy area can provide you a refined stubble.

5. Amp Up The Contrast

Amp Up The ContrastIt is likely that you will have a significant amount of hair around your sideburns and neckline. So take a clipper or a razor and trim out the length into a pattern.

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