Businessmen are frequent fliers and their life orbits around airports and hotels. In such a scenario the art of packing light is mandatory. How to pack resourcefully and efficiently is an indispensable skill that all business travelers on the move have to master. When you check-in luggage at the airport it takes a lot of time and even while waiting at the baggage carousel so learning the skill of fitting everything into a carry-on is worth the time saved.

Smart packing is like packing lots of stuff in a miniature bag. It is imperative to make sure that you have packed all the essential items as you need to look impressive.

Here is a business travel packing list which will make certain you do not miss anything.

Select the right suitcase

The first thing to do is to find a suitcase that will meet your needs. The perfect carry-on bag or suitcase measuring 22″x14″x9″ will mollify the restrictions of almost every airline. This is the ideal size with sufficient space for business travellers who travel light. The benefit of packing all your items in a single carry-on bag is – ease of movement, avoiding baggage claim, saving on baggage fees and cases of misplaced baggage.


Coordinate your outfits in such a way that you can mix and match. Stores for business women these days sell matching colour coordinated pieces you can mix and match such as a jacket with matching pants, skirt and dress. For men, pick a neutral colour coat and match your ties, shirts and pants subsequently. Even if you are not a black colour person make it your friend; it matches anything. A pair of black shirts, a single pair of black jeans and a business outfit will be good enough even for a long trip.

Don’t forget to pack ties, underwear, socks. Ladies have to coordinate the shirt colours and bra (black or nude), comfortable night clothes. Pack whatever you are comfortable sleeping in. Planning to work out then sweatshirt and pants is a must or if you like to swim then a swimsuit. If you get sweaty then wash with a travel-size laundry detergent and hang dry. 


Shoes take up a lot of space in your bag and one tends to over pack shoes. But stay sensible and stick to one pair of shoes in black which will match all your outfits. This can be tough for ladies who are spoilt for choice, with flats, heels or boots. One flat and one heel should be good for daytime while working and business dinners at night. Wear your sports shoes when you are travelling as you can save space and be comfortable at the same time.


Focus on basics when you pack your toiletries. Splurge on a good toiletry bag and travel size toiletries that will hold all your liquids. Most hotels provide a shaving kit so you can forego that. Ladies should carry minimal makeup which is easier said than done. Hotels these days are providing good bath essentials and hairdryers, so you can omit them from your list.


Accessories these days are just gadget related, mostly chargers and often misplaced or forgotten. Carry a roomy laptop bag with the charger and pack your tablet, phone charger and a connector for different ports. Flights these days give you a USB port charger but do not forget to pack your power bank. A small notepad, a pen and a few business cards are optional according to your requirement.

This list is comprehensive and should make your business travel stress-free and easier.

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