Ladakh Bike Trip, Mountain motorcycle was a trend of Europeans a few back, and it has a great fond among Indian bikers too. Each year, various mountain biking adventure tours are conducted in the Himalayas.  One region in the world is Ladakh, it is considered as the highest motorable road and a great destination for adventure.  One such bike that is right for bumpy roads is the Royal Enfield and it is easily available. Every year, bikers from various states organise trips to Ladakh. Here are 5 tips for a fun-filled Ladakh bike trip.

Leh is very an extremely dry and cold place. This combo makes the motorcycling in Ladakh so challenging and daring experience. There are plenty of tour operators who can offer tours and travel packages which include traveling about 2400 km in 15 days. So if you are willing to go for a Himalayan motorbike trip, then take note of these tips;

Ladakh Bike Trip

1. Choosing The Right Bike

Choosing the right bike

If you are willing to go for a motorbike trip, you have a plethora of choices to choose from.  An essential thing is to pick a bike that is comfortable for you. If you have been driving a sports bike all your life, then you can choose Royal Enfield bikes for your road trip.

2. Make It Suitable For A Rough Ride

Make it suitable for a rough ride

Remember, you will have to travel for more than 2400 km in fifteen days. So you might come across various hurdles like as sandy road, very rocky paths and bumpy rides which can cause wear and tear. So if you don’t want to spend a time to repair that at the height of 15,000 ft. You will have to check your bike properly before you go.  Check the tires, oil and tighten the nuts and bolts. Also, consider to give it for a service to your authorised  Royal Enfield dealer.

3. Packing Smartly

Packing smartly

On a road trip, you must be ready for anything. Cold and hot climate can come and go so you must be prepared for anything. Carry right clothes like sweaters, sunglasses, backpack with shoes and gloves and emergency medicines. Once you have all the things, load it properly and hang it on the sides. Also, remember to balance the weight equally on both sides.  Don’t forget to take your mobiles and camera!

4. Proper Documents

Proper Documents

You need to cross the high passes on the Ladakh trip. They do have a strong military presence. So take proper care of documents like registration, bike insurance, passports, identity card and other needed documents.

5. Going Groups

Going groups

If you are a first timer, then consider gathering your friends and family members who own Royal Enfield for a road trip! Also, check for the packages available with your local tour guides. Going in groups is always wiser!

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