5 Terrific Tips For Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trips, When it’s time to hit the road, a motorcycle road trip is always the best means! You get the relief of leaving all the worries and cares behind you – Literally! That refreshing feeling of the wind whipping your face and through your clothes is something that cannot be expressed in words!  You might feel that you are a free bird and free to travel wherever your heart and motorcycle take you. One of the keys to preparing for any motorcycle road trip is to pack properly. We have some fabulous trial and error tips for you guys! Check it out! And let us know what was your last trip, 5 Terrific Tips For Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trips!

5 Terrific Tips For Long Distance Motorcycle Road Trips

1. Check The Weather Forecast

Check the weather forecast

Today, you can easily get a weather report from different sources – the TV, Radio, Internet, Mobile etc. it does not matter specifically where you get it, as long as you get one before hopping on your bike. When taking a long road trip, it is very essential for you to get the weather report, as the weather can change over time and remember you are going over a long distance.

2. Pack And Dress In Layers

Pack and dress in layers

At first, it might seem logical to carry heavy coats for extremely cold climates. Though, remember that weather can fluctuate greatly, and you might experience it first hand when exposed to the elements. You don’t want yourself to freeze or fry while on your long distance motorcycle road trip. It is better to pack and dress in layers. That can, you will be able to pull off and put on thin layers conveniently in order to maximise the comfort.

3. Gear Up

Gear up

When riding a motorcycle it is essential to use a Helmet. It can reduce the risk of death by nearly 30%! Always sport a full – face helmet when you wish to take off on road trips. Such helmets have a shield to save you from snow, rain and blustery winds. Also, they provide enough ventilation so you have to suffer “Hothead”. You might feel somewhat restricted using a full – face helmet. But remember to follow the safety rules!

4. Bring Enough But Not Too Much

Bring enough but not too much

Your target when packing up for your motorcycle is much difficult that you think. You need to bring enough supplies to make sure that you are comfy and well prepared for the trip. Consider the fact that a breakdown or inclement weather might happen in the middle of nowhere. On the other hand, you need to avoid having excess weight and bulkiness, by leaving unwanted items at home. Over packing might result in slowing down your progress or even make it much harder to maneuver the motorcycle.

5. Loading The Motorcycle Properly

Loading the motorcycle properly

Make sure to go through the instruction, when using a motorcycle saddlebags. Place heavier item on the bottom of the bag and lighter bags on the top. This will help you to balance the weight. Also, the sides of the bag must be as close as possible.

So, are you ready to hit the road!  Create some best time of your life by planning for a group motorcycle long distance road trip. Follow the tips to make sure that your trip is as comfortable and safe as possible.

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