Have you ever crossed the coast on your motorcycle? Taking is day trip is one thing and taking a weekend is another thing. Though, taking a coast trip is totally a ball of wax. It needs much more planning and consideration. Of course, the trip must include a degree of spontaneity. Though, considering the length of the trip, it is important to be prepared as well. These tips for solo traveler comes handy;

1. Enjoy Regionalism

Enjoy regionalism

One lesson I learned when I travel, is that the cities are same everywhere. When enjoying a cross – country road trip, take the roads back to test some local color. Chat with local people and read local newspapers to learn about where to check the best local restaurants, special public events, etc.

2. Pack Lightly

Pack lightly

There are various justifications for packing lightly. Of course, you might need to bring specific gear like the motorcycle boots, etc. However, remember that few heavyweight motorcycle manufacturers make apt for heavy loads. Some items you must consider stuffing into your saddlebags include;

  • Clothing
  • Camera
  • Tools
  • Raingear
  • Tire – repair kit
  • Toiletries

Packing light might cause some minor issues, like as needing to wash your clothes frequently. Though, overall, the approach is worthwhile.

3. Preventing Situations Before Happening

Preventing situations before happening

The last situation you need to be in is stranded in the middle of nowhere in a strange country or state. Sure,  “stuff” occurs, but you can prevent them with your chopper by having a dealer service before hitting the road. Also, bring your mobile phone and join a club that offers roadside assistance. All of these tips will ultimately allow you to enjoy a trip as much as possible.

4. Two Can Be A Company Or A Crowd

Two can be a company or a crowd

I’m extremely independent and prefer to travel solo. The perks of traveling alone are that you can set your own schedule. There is no spending time for the sidekick. Riding solo, you will feel the sense of freedom that road trips offer.

That said, you can enjoy the benefits of traveling with a sidekick. You might be more secure, specifically in more secluded regions. Also, you can have some extra help for making repairs!

5. Planning For The Pleasant Surprises

Planning for the pleasant surprises

Certainly, you must do some sort of planning before a solo cross – country trip. Though, also offer yourself with some chances for pleasant surprises. For example, you might need to avoid making hotel reservations, but instead, plan to come in a particular area by nightfall. Also,  you can avoid planning all of your routes. Sometimes the locals can offer more scenic courses that you have missed by taking a different route.

Taking a solo trip might seem quite daunting at first, but following the tips and some basic guidelines can make your experience enjoyable and successful. Find the right balance between getting ready for your trip and making opportunities to expect the unexpected.

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