LinkedIn is a professional social media platform. It has been bought by Microsoft Corp in 2016 and has shown a number of improvements in 2016. Now, LinkedIn with its new features is a powerhouse in B2B Company. Instead of bringing new changes, LinkedIn has continued to add new tools and features that make possible advanced use of their audience data.LinkedIn may be the essential social media platform for job seekers and human professionals everywhere. To boost recruiting strategy in 2018, ‘Global Recruiting Trends 2018: The 4 Ideas Changing How You Hire’ report has been published by LinkedIn Talent Solutions. This report includes how 4 trends like diversity, artificial intelligence, new interview methods and data are changing the recruiting process today.

Diversity: while 78% of the Social Media Experts are emphasizing diversity-hiring to improve culture, 62% of the companies indicated that they are giving importance to diversity to encourage financial performance. Thus diversity hiring is the most important trend.


Interview Process With New Tools


Interview Process With New Tools: Traditional interviews are ineffective ways to read the candidates because they may weaken the values of useful information. They have been proven as biased. In case of traditional interviews, we are often misguided by charismatic and attractive interviewees. It is quite difficult to assess soft skills only by having a face to face chat.

5 techniques have appeared on the scene to develop the traditional model.

  1. Soft Skill Assessment: This assessment measures curiosity and teamwork. If you apply this assessment to your campus recruiting process, you will get more diverse and more talented candidates.
  2. Job Auditions: Companies design job auditions in which they pay candidates to solve business problems with data.
  3. Casual Interviews: a company can take a candidate’s interview over a meal. Through casual interviews, the company may have a look at the uniqueness of the candidate’s character. Many companies are adopting this concept.
  4. Virtual Reality: Through virtual reality, companies plunge candidates in 3-D environments to check talents of the candidates. For example, Lloyds Banking Group has adopted this aspect. This type of interview reduces bias and can engage talented candidates.
  5. Video Interviews: KPMG has adopted video interviews for its entry-level hires. This type of interview has been proven effective.

Data: Data is the most embraced trend impacting how hiring managers hire. Hiring managers are likely to use data in their work in the next two years. In fact, it is not a new concept. What is new is-

  • The volume of data available
  • The speed of analysis of data
  • The data for predicting hiring outcomes
  • The data to power machines

Social Media Services Company may have a social media strategy as well as a talent intelligence strategy too.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence is going to take a strong foothold in recruiting process in 2018. For example, LinkedIn Recruiter lets you search candidates automatically and quickly. You may screen these candidates with the help of other technology. Even you need not speak with the candidates. You don’t have to answer the candidates’ questions because chatbots will respond to them. But AI’s role is not pleasing because 14% of hiring managers think that their jobs will be taken away by AI.


In order to stay relevant professionally, you have to adopt these four trends. If Artificial Intelligence replaces you, there is no need to worry because you will then concentrate on building relationships. Try to use new tools of interview processes. Then you will be able to find top talents faster. If you want to make smarter decisions, focus on the data. Not only you, but many companies are trying to explore these trends.

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