So after a long trail of yes and no from your friends, relatives, and parents, you are finally set to go on an adventure trip around the world alone. But since it’s your first time, you will definitely be thinking to make it a memorable one, so that you can share your traveling experience with your friends and loved ones again and again. So here are 25 tips for making your first solo trip unforgettable.

25 Tips For Making Your First Solo Trip Unforgettable

1. Setup a date

Just sitting in your room and thinking that one day I will definitely go on a solo trip, that will not make it really happen. So grab your laptop, set a date and then book a ticket. That way there’s no turning back.

2. Save Enough Money

Now let me tell you for traveling solo you will require a fair amount of cash. I am just not talking about only transportation, but when you are traveling alone it is likely that you are on your own wherever you go. So in order to avoid any type of other consequences, it is better that you have a good amount of cash with you. So for that, it is advisable that you save enough money before you go.

3. Don’t Go Cheap

Being a traveler it is likely that you might have a tight budget, but that doesn’t mean that you have to go cheap. Remember a unique experience may require a little bit of spending. By spending low you may likely miss out some amazing things and later you might regret of missing such things.

4. Don’t Sleep Much

While you are on a trip you can afford to spend time in sleeping. Your laziness may cost you missing out some very amazing things on the trip.

5. Take A Good Camera With You

Pictures of your trip are the best things which will depict your memorable tripping experience. So while you are on a trip make sure you carry with you a very good quality camera and take pictures with it during your trip.

6. Take Something For People Back At Home

Though you are on a solo trip, but you should not forget that you are here because of all those people back at home. So don’t forget to buy gifts or souvenirs for them.

7. Buy A Perfect Bag Pack

Yes backpack, because you are on a trip and carrying a suitcase may prove to be hard for you to move around with, especially if you are on an adventure trip. A backpack can let you easily move around, but make sure the backpack you choose suits your body type.   

8. Never Overpack

It’s your first trip and you will be definitely in a mood that you want this also and this also and pack it all in your bag. But trust me taking only a minimal things which you will really require on your trip is advisable. You can buy other things from the shops at the place you are traveling.

9. Do Some Pre-planning

Planning is really important when you are going to go on a trip. You need to write down the places you want to visit, how to get there, the best place to stay there, a place to eat food etc. This could save your lot of time which you can spend in exploring the city.

10.Make Some Local Friends

It’s your first solo trip and while you are traveling to an unknown city it is better that you befriend a local. Doing this will provide you an upper hand in exploring the city.

11. Bring An Unlocked phone And Get A Local Sim

In some parts of the world, your phones may get locked as their networks won’t allow you to use it there, so at that time getting a local sim is much more advisable if you want to maintain communication.

12. Don’t Get Too Drunk (much)

Getting drunk on the trip may turn your memories into drunken memories. So it is better that you spend minimal time in getting drunk and spend most of the time in exploring the place.

13. Take Some Time Off

Traveling may definitely exhaust you so in between take some time off, get a private room and relax for some time.

14. Get Some Hand On The Local Language

Different cities and places have different local languages, so for better communication it advisable that you learn the local language of that place.

15. Get A Travel Insurance

Still today also people go on a trip without having a travel insurance. But trust me travel insurance has saved a lot of money during traveling. So you should definitely leave your house without having one.

16. Going Cheap Is Not Always Better

Cheaper is always not better especially while choosing a transport mode. At times cheap flights or trains can take a lot of traveling time which can be boring.

17. Slow down!

A very common mistake made by travelers is that try to do a lot of things. But if you want to have a memorable experience then is better that you take some time. The world is not going anywhere.

18. Go On A Date

Dating someone while you are on a trip can prove to be a really memorable way to explore and experience a city. You can date a local person, a fellow traveler or anyone else.

19. Eat Healthy Food

Don’t stuff junk food while you are traveling, this can create a deeper impact on your health. So it is better that you eat more fruits and healthy stuff while traveling.

20. Learn New Skills

Every place consists of some or the other unique things which you can learn and then come back and show off.

21. Never Get Obsessed “off the beaten track”

In the mood of being too cool at times, travelers try to explore new things in the city. In doing this you may often miss out some cool things in the city.

22. Get Off The Beaten Track

While you are on a trip you should definitely explore new things and places. For this, you can make some new local friends and take their help in exploring some hidden spots.

23. Stay Safe At Any Cost

Traveling to unknown places means you are inviting unknown dangers towards you, but you cannot get laid back because of it. So while traveling make sure you take every kind of safety measures. For example, even if your hotel is a 5-minute walk, then instead of walking it off take a taxi.

24. Experience Everything By Yourself

You are traveling for your own pleasure, so it is a must that you choose places where you want to nor the places which are recommended by others. After all, it’s all about personal experience.

25. Make It Unforgettable

Who knows you might not be here next time at the places you are visiting. So try to have more and more memories of that place. After all, in the end, all that’s left are memories, so make sure they’re awesome ones.

Inspired from: Bren On The Road 


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