The year 2016 had really been a phenomenal year for me. It was not just about making new friends but also catching up with rejuvenating old buddies. Exploring new countries was the best experience altogether.

So now is the time where I reflect my complete year and give a light to it.

Statutory warning to beautiful minds reading this, this is more like a personal blog, but this is my way of commemorating the past year and reminiscing a throwback to it.  No matter how far you reach, you always tend to look back. I wasn’t sure that I was supposed to land up here, where I am right now. But the only thing for sure in my mind was to have a beautiful start so that when I look at the beginning, it will always be a worth nostalgia. I struggled for days and nights, even fought with myself to reach to the place where I am today and yes it is a very happy and satisfactory place to land up. So I thought that it will be an explicit idea if I make it public, who knows some might find it valuable and learn something from it.

So below I have highlighted my journey and growth as a friend, blogger as well as traveler. Also, my family and future goals played a major role in molding my way.


My blogging journey has been just splendid. My first blog went live on 20th January 2016 and since then I am so amazed by looking at how much it has grown. I was a novice when I started writing my blogs and was unaware about various aspects such as email listing or page views. With around 700 Facebook shares on my first blog, I was on the roller coaster of happiness.

Today, within a year, I have successfully started another blogging site and both the sites now have more than 1k+ followers and subscribers on Facebook.

Moreover, these blogs have allowed me to meet many new and amazing people and also created an instant connection with them.  As for every story, my story also began with once upon a time. So, once upon a time, I too felt that I am so out of the box that my work is not that worthy enough to be published. But today, I am a totally new person with fresh confidence and life that has the potential to be best at just anything. I discovered various communities and explored new places with a whole new peg and perception as traveling endeavored me with that.

Starting a blog, acted like a window to me, to the outside world, which provided people a glimpse of my world and to share their own stories. Overall I am really very happy with the way my blogging website has flourished through the year and I am definitely counting on growing and writing more in 2017.


Initially, I invested my savings into traveling and after making blogging sites, I started to earn something through blogs but not as much as I expected; so now I am working on some more plans to make a big business out of it. Gear up for the zillion surprises waiting up in 2017. ;)

New projects

New projects
As of for now, I have a handful of projects and ideas in my mind but I haven’t implemented each of it as I am lacking enough time in the day to work on everything. Right now I am experimenting with running an affiliate marketing program, niche website, e-commerce, yoga workshops as well as with blogs. All in all these are just project, and moreover, now I am majorly focusing on solo traveling and to start a YouTube channel. I will keep you posted about this during the new year.

Education & Social Activities

Education & Social Activities
This year has been incredibly rocking in terms of personal development. I learned various levels of yoga from the renowned gurus in Rishikesh and Kerala. But what made my year was not getting educated but imparting education. After visiting places like Rishikesh and Haridwar I understood the real joy of giving. So in no time I gathered around 25 less privileged kids and provided them basic education every day for 1 hour. I also provide them with books, stationery, and other basic necessities.  It’s been pretty difficult to keep a balance between the regular work and the social work I am doing. But I am really satisfied with the way I have managed both of them this year. Thanks to my amazingly charming friends who are helping me with my social work activities.

Friends & Family

friends and family
Being a solo traveler, it is pretty hard to keep a balance between spending time traveling and spending time with family, especially when you are married. This year I had spent a notable amount of time traveling but with that, I also made sure that I am enjoying various festivals with my family at home. No matter how busy I used to be in my work, I somehow successfully managed to spare some time for my friends and family. Overall this year has been really great for me and hopes so in the year 2017 I will maintain the same equilibrium.


This year I took my health much more seriously and took my fitness to a new level. I thoroughly worked on my fitness and body wellness. I hit the gym daily and drain a huge amount of sweat. So far due to this, I have achieved a fair amount of endurance and flexibility. Although not 100% but my body is a feeling lot more better than last year. I am hoping to improve my durability more in 2017. Soon I am going to achieve my target “Mission Bomb Figure” !!


Traveling is in my blood and I spend most of my time on the road traveling various places in India and out of India as well. This not only allowed me to explore the real me but also helped in making amazing new friends. Traveling is the major reason for the person I have become today. In the year 2017, I want to explore more and more places alone and open gates for other female solo travelers.

Goals and plans for 2017

Goals and plans for 2017
As I’ve always done in previous years, I’ll be aiming to learn something new next year as well. Right now I’m thinking it will be a new language, and an intensive yoga course, implement business ideas, to reach on a next fitness level, launch my own YouTube channel and my books have been on my agenda for a while.

I’ll also be taking this blog to the next level, with some great new ideas in the pipeline. I’ve written this blog with the intention that it should be able to help someone, whether it’s a tip on how to save money on your travels or sharing a lesson I’ve learned through some story or situation. If you ever feel the blog has shifted from that, please let me know! The blog definitely sucks up more time than anything else, but as long as I’ve got at least one person reading I will continue to write.

As for my other side projects, they will remain exactly that – side projects. Traveling, writing and my desire to learn is still where I will be giving most of my time. I will definitely still be working hard on these other uses, though, so it’s looking like a busy year ahead.

A big, big thank you

A big, big thank you
Lastly, I need to take this chance to thank all of you for an amazing year. By far the best part of publishing my writing on this site has been getting to know all of you, and every time you leave a comment or send me an email I’m reminded of why I started this blog in the first place. There have been times this year where I’ve been so frustrated and tired with the workload this site brings that I considered throwing it all in, but receiving emails and comments like this always inspired me to keep on writing, so thank you.

Final words

Final words
Overall the year has definitely been one of the discoveries and new direction. I’m proud of the growth I’ve had as a writer, a traveler and an entrepreneur, and I am really excited for the challenges and opportunities to grow even further in 2017. The year has also brought many incredible people into my life who I’m so grateful to have met, and I feel truly blessed for all the friends my travels have connected me with. While life on the road has brought its share of self-doubt and loneliness, I know that the good has far outweighed the bad, and I continue to fall in love with travel and this lifestyle more and more.

As of for now, it’s time to enjoy a few days of rest, and then I’ll be knuckling down to kick 2017 off with a bang.

Thank you so much for following along, and see you all in the New Year!

Much Love, xx

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