Traveling abroad solo as a female is almost considered as a taboo in this age and day. When you have a chance to meet female travelers abroad, people, the first reaction is of shock when they realize they are traveling alone, yet when the interaction progresses, people come to know that the female traveler has not encountered any issues and has had a relatively easy ride so to speak. We are in a 24/7 media sphere, the majority of reports coming from abroad usually have something to do with war, corruption or famine, making us think we are not safe outside of our country’s borders. So here are 17 Myths about Solo Female Travel and one truth.

So if you have planned a trip you have been longing to see, but you cannot convince anyone to come with you.  I usually don’t expect people to be around me to make my travel dreams come true. I have traveled solo through plenty of countries and it been a great experience and enlightening. Also, I have heard all myths about “SOLO FEMALE TRAVELLERS” you can wonder, so I have set to make a record straight with these myths and on secret or truth whatever you call it! Myths  About solo female travel. 

17 Myths About Solo Female Travel And One Truth

1. The World Is “SCARY”

The world is SCARY

In spite of the Hollywood movies like Hostel and Take might make you think that the world outside your nation’s borders is not filled with danger and treachery.  As women, we are explained to regard the untold as threatening, which is luckless as it keeps us wrapped up where we feel secure. The fact is that in all, if not most, places if you travel responsibly and bravely you are probably the safest as you might be in your major home city.

2. Speaking Foreign Is A “MUST”

Speaking Foreign is a MUST

Personally, I’m downhearted with languages, but fortunately English is now a universal language, and it is the crucial one you can know. It is always better to learn a few key phrases of the country you are visiting. Things like thank you and hello – but don’t make language stop you from going.

3. Don’t Talk To ‘STRANGERS’

I know, this was the only word you might have heard In your teens, but now that we are all older and it’s very practical. When you travel solo, everyone is a stranger until efforts are made to get them know. Then they are either really fabulous fellow travelers or interesting people with stories to explain. Use your urge to encourage people worth knowing and consider not to talk with anyone who causes you discomfort. It’s fine to be blunt when safety is concerned.

4. Wear A ‘DUMMY’ Wedding Ring

Wear a DUMMY wedding ring

Have you ever seen doing this actually? I have come across this in millions of travel forums, but according to me, I have never met anyone testing this tactic.  If you think this is a great idea, then give it a try, but the sad part is that most men who are unpleasant enough to keep knocking on you when you are very comfortable are not going to be discouraged by a wedding ring. If someone is disturbing you, the far more essential method is to leave that place.

5. Eating ‘Alone’ Is A Nightmare

Eating 'Alone' is a nightmare

Okay, let talk about eating alone – everyone seems to be in groups, but have you ever done it? Before going solo, try to do this test at home first – take yourself to a movie and dinner out! It will be very satisfying. No one is going to care about you in the restaurant that you are sitting alone.

6. You Are ‘LONELY’

You are LONELY

Along those same lines, this is also a very common fear among many female solo travelers. One day I will get a custom T- Shirt printed saying “Alone doesn’t mean Lonely’. Learning to be alone is actually an essential skill and you might find you love it actually. That said, the pleasing of backpacking is that you don’t have to be alone if you don’t wish to be. You can find friendly people around who want nothing more than a handout! Those bonds you make hiking through the street or in the middle of the night or getting to a restaurant are beyond precious.

7. All Solo Travelers Are ‘SINGLE’

All Solo travelers are SINGLE'

Every month I get a couple of emails saying that they love to travel, but their husband or the partner doesn’t. This should never hold you back. I know a few women who don’t bug others to travel. Many people enjoy the clarity that traveling alone offers them and come back to their relationship feeling restored. Or might be they break up. In any case, it is better than disliking your partner for keeping you prohibited.

8. Traveling With Anyone Is Always Wiser Than Being ‘ALONE’

Traveling with anyone is always wiser than being 'ALONE'

I have seen people willing to get closer themselves with a stranger as for some reasons that seem a great idea than being alone. I never encourage this- people who are genuinely at home might become a total monster on the road. If you prefer to travel with someone make sure they are on the same track like you.

9. I Could ‘NEVER’ Do ThatI could 'NEVER' do that

I have heard this many times that I can count and I’m always confused. Solo female travelers are not isolated of hearty Indiana Jones type warriors who battle their way across threatening world – they are regular people just like you. There is nothing I’m doing that you might not be able to…… if you wish to.

10. Waste Of ‘TIME’Waste of 'TIME'

Traveling is one best education you could get for FREE! Nothing explains you more than discovering the world and accumulating experiences.

11. You Might Get  LOST, RAPED OR SOLD

You might get LOST, RAPED OR SOLD

The movie life and the real life are totally different. You have good natured and technology people to help you, so all you should do is to be careful of all your trouble makers and that is not too hard if you ask me. Stay careful and responsible and avoiding these hurdles becomes easy.

12. You Are Serious About ‘LIFE’ And ‘CAREER’

You are serious about 'LIFE' and 'CAREER'

Time off to college or work cannot be better spent than getting to know about a new lifestyle, people, and culture in general. You do know that Steve Jobs travel across India to help him shape his future, don’t you? Traveling solo teaches you things that even books and classrooms don’t.

13. You Need To Be ‘RICH’ To Travel Solo

You need to be 'RICH' to travel solo

No, there are some many places in India that you must check out and they are ultra cheap! I prefer to choose those at my initial travel plan!

14. Its ‘BORING’ To Travel Alone

Its 'BORING' to travel alone

This is by far the craziest myth. Before I began my solo travel I had the same thought. But I was the happiest when I traveled solo. No Frills and No Fuss! I plan myself and I eat, dress, dance and chat the way I wish. Most of my schedules are well planned and the most interesting part is that I don’t have to share with someone else about this!

15. Solo Travel Means To Find ‘FLINGS’

Solo Travel means to find 'FLINGS'

This is also commonly asked! I have seen people asking “Are you going to find a guy” To be very real, is there no men here? I mean the place you live? Men are everywhere and it doesn’t mean that traveling alone is going to get you flings!

16. You Will Be ‘HOMESICK’

You will be 'HOMESICK'

This is a myth, but… you sometimes get homesick, but that’s the beauty of it. It makes you realize the value of what you are!

17. Sharing Room With ‘RANDOMERS’

Sharing room with 'RANDOMERS'

This is also a common myth for solo female travelers and doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Be smart and use the lockers. Check for your properties and always be very conscious of the surroundings.

You can also book a private room if you feel sharing is not a great idea!

These are just a few myths about solo female travel! There are actually more that you should never bother about! Always be strong from inside out! This is the only advice I could ever offer to all my readers! Being strong itself is a great assistance for you, that’s what I believe!

And The One ‘TRUTH’?

The fact is that Solo female travel is not just something you do when you don’t have anyone else to come with you. It is an enlightening and incredible experience in its own way. You will learn about things you never understand and explore amazing things. You might even make some big fat plans. But one thing is for sure – You will have fun!

If you are female and about to go on your own – then it’s fine to be edgy. Even now, after years of traveling solo, I still get a bit edgy before I travel solo. These worries usually vanish as soon as you arrive at a great, new place. I have never regretted it and neither will you.

Keep Exploring, Much Love, xx

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