When it comes to biking very few motorcycles can boast of attaining customer confidence, unparalleled fame ever since they are marketed. The Royal Enfield bikes are among them, which cherishes the continued customer confidence and high polarity.  If you are motorcycling jerk, then you must have ridden the Royal Enfield beast to fall in love! Despite its bulky frame and somewhat traditional look, these bikes ooze majestic feel and can excite the bike lovers by the mere sight or even by the sound!

If you are too, then, these are signs that show you are a total Enfield freak……

1. The only BIKE you have ever dreamt of buying……though there are many brands you still long for Royal Enfield, the craze never ends!


2. If you already own a Royal Enfield and wish to buy another! then that would also be Royal!

3. You might stare at people who called Royal Enfield “Bullet” not all Royal Enfield are Bullets!

4. No matter what you do, you get unconscious when you hear that signature Royal Enfield beat!


5. You are a complete guide on the “Old” and “New” model RFS


6. You check out for new web news and updates on RF at least once a day!

7. You get thrilled when you see an RF in an ad commercial or a film.

8. When you see a fellow Royal Enfield rider you nod each other like known!

9. You will have a conversation about your bike when waiting for the traffic signals.

10. Whenever you pass the RF showroom, you look out for the show pieces and admire it!

11. You keep planning trips with your buddies and will never keep your bike at home!

12. All those RE addicts out there! your dream will always be off riding to Ladakh!

Inspired By TheCrazzyRider: https://www.facebook.com/thecrazzyrider/

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