Guys are Extremely visual creatures. They are immediately attracted to things that are appealing to their eyes. But they are usually not – so – good at expressions! And they do adore about girls. So, ladies, we have a whole bunch of list of cute things that guys do love and totally feel hot about you!

1. The Confidence Lady

The Confidence lady

There is nothing sexier than a woman being confidence about her. A woman who takes things easier no matter what she is wearing or with who she is, the most definitely a guy’s dream girl!

2. Taking Life Easy Peasy

Taking life easy peasy

The girl who takes things easy and carefree is an amazing eye treat for guys! She follows her own paths and doesn’t care about people who don’t validate her. She is more open and free and SO attractive too!

3. A Free – Spirited And Honest Smile That Spices Up Your Face Is Something That Guys Find Adorable

A free - spirited and honest smile that spices up your face is something that guys find adorable.

Do you giggle for his jokey ascents?  Totally cute (for guys).

4. Her passion – She Loves And Believes

Her passion - She loves and believes

A woman is always a factory of dreams and possibilities. And she is the most attractive creature in the world… then a guy…. Almost all men love them just for their dreamy goals…. Guys, Listen! You must have the courage to chase us.

5. She Loves To Have Fun And Partying – After Her Day’s Chase!

She loves to have fun and partying - After her day's chase!

Who can resist a woman with a badass vibe? Someone who is carefree, leaving her hair loose and partying all night! When the occasion calls her.

6. Playing With Hair, Not And Then

Playing with hair not and then

Whether you pulling it or touching or twirling it, there is something about this play – thing that makes guys fall for you!

7. Her Kid At Heart And Compassion

Her kid at heart and compassion

Girls are always kidded at heart… Very childish! A little thing always goes a long way! She talks silly and cute words, but she knows the limit!  Guys love childish characters just like “Genelia”.  She also loves people who confide her, the compassionate side. Mark it, this character makes men turn super crazy!

8. Her Adventure Addict

Her Adventure addict

Men always look out for an adventure freak… this doesn’t mean just jumping or climbing the mountains… you can be crazy in other ways too. A woman who loves to take adventure trips and other happy on the board ways is willing to brag a chance to do something in an unusual way is so cute!

9. Your Independent And Daring Attitude

Your independent and daring attitude

This is not for male chauvinists. But who care them? The Woman is always independent and daring. This attitude is loved by all!

10. Your Confidence And Passion For Accomplishing Something Are So Much Attractive To The Opposite Sex.

Your confidence and passion to accomplish something is so much attractive to the opposite sex.

Your Girl power and strong confidence also make men fall for you!

11. The Smile

The Smile

Though this is not the physical attribute! Guys cannot help, but fall in love with you who is honest and smile for things when needed… This is definitely to a reason for them to love you!


Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.

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