It’s summer and it is travel season; long-distance flights across time zones are exciting but on the flip side that sluggish, zombie-like feeling when the jet lag whacks your body clock is pretty unpleasant.

After long distance travelling by air, you’re physical, mental, and communicative changes that follow a set pattern all go awry as the circadian rhythms are still be associated with the time zone you set out with.

Jet lag is not a permanent condition. You may be desynchronised and will go through your sightseeing or work while being half asleep and feel disoriented. But some lucky few bounce back quickly. In this fast-paced world, no one has time to lose because of Jetlag, not even pilots, stewardesses or businessmen and there are cures for everything even Jetlag.

10 simple hacks to beat that jet lag…

1. Nap before your flight

Strange as it may sound it is good to have a good night’s sleep before you take off on your travels as the rest will do your body good to handle the flight and jet lag concerns later.

2. Layovers

Instead of going for the long haul ponder over breaking the journey with a couple of layovers. This will relieve your body and get it ready for the new routine. You could even save money by splitting your travel rather than taking that long direct flight that costs a bomb.

3. Keep off the alcohol

Alcohol can worsen jet lag and may trigger worse symptoms. The misconception is that alcohol can be comforting and help you nod off but only if it is taken in moderation. The effects of alcohol are augmented by the high altitude of the plane.The ideal thing to prevent jet lag is to avoid alcohol completely.

4. Avoid Coffee

Avoid having coffee as it keeps you awake by lulling the body to think it is daytime. The caffeine in the coffee is like a cog in the wheel and the biochemical reactions affect the circadian rhythm of the body.

5. Mobility

By sitting cramped for long hours during the flight the body can go through cramps and stiffness so it is best to stay mobile and take walks down the aisle or loosen the limbs with simple limbering exercises. This would keep your body in order and pump up the circulation.

6. Soak the sunlight

Sunlight enhances the immune system and the general feeling of well-being. Bank up on large doses of Vitamin D through the light of the sun will make you feel invigorated and comfortable.

7. Swallow a Pill

Most frequent traveller’s wish there was a magic pill which you could pop and the Jetlag would just whoosh away. But sadly there is no such wonder drug but there is melatonin. The body secretes a hormone called melatonin as the day ends which leads to sleep and this drug is a synthetic replica of melatonin which can put you to sleep during your long distance flight or after to combat jetlag.

8. Hydration is the key

The body gets dehydrated during the flight and the water in the body needs to be replenished. The body gets tired and fatigue sets in if you are dehydrated. Reach for that glass of water as many times as the stewardess offers as this is Drink as much water as you can and stay hydrated as that is the safest bet to keep your system functioning.

9. Set your watch

Once you have boarded set your watch according to your destination. Plan the transition and your meals according to the timetable of your destination. Skip your breakfast and have dinner instead. Eat light and wisely.

10. Do your homework

See to it that your flight arrives in the evening at your destination and prepare to go to bed in a couple of hours! Preceding or deferring your body clock steadily before you travel can help your body fine-tune faster to the new time zone you will be in.


Armed with these bullets of wisdom, don’t fear of being Tired, Irritable, Woozy, Lightheaded, Bewildered or Frazzled. Whichever way you do it you can beat jet lag and let the Wanderlust in you, face every time zone with ease.

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