There are over – sentimental couples, there are dauntless ones, there are sweet ones and then… there are chilled couples too! Those who stress on small things and can mostly found in their pajamas cracking at some silly joke. Here we have gathered the top ten signs to prove that you are the most chilled out mates and you will love it!

1. Doing It Without Private Display Of Affection

You might have occasional warm hugs and hand holding but you never go extremely over it. You are fine with other kinds of PDA.

2. Cracking Jokes On Socially Unacceptable TopicsCracking jokes on socially unacceptable topics

Cracking jokes about poop, farts and other bodily functions, which you cannot do with the other person.

3. Your Friends Asking For Relationship Advice

When your friends need some sort of relationship advice, they always remember you. All of them think that you two are a great couple. They are really not that far from the reality, don’t they?

4. No ‘Message Immediately’ PressureNo 'Message immediately' pressure

You speak frequently all through the day, but you don’t go frantic if your partner doesn’t reply back quickly to all messages and vice versa. In fact, sometimes you think you can go back to the times when all this technology was not there and write monthly letters to each other instead!

5. Don’t Know To Take Things EasyDon’t know to take things easy

Fights are common in relationships, but you guys know how to handle such things. You don’t keep grudges and don’t hold the argument for too long.

6. No Awkward Silence – EverNo awkward silence - Ever!

You might enjoy interactions or love the silence, there is nothing much about any of it!

7. No Hanging All The TimeNo hanging all the time

You might not know why people desire to be their partners all the time. Both of love spending time alone and respect the others too!

8. But When You Do, You Love It To The CoreBut when you do, you love it to the core

Though, when there is a get-together, you might have a great time full of cracks and love. (Open up – Sometimes sexy stuff too)

9. Be Contented With Netflix And ChillBe contented with netflix and chill

You might be a Netflix and the chill kinda person. And that means, we don’t really mean just hooking up (But that is an important part too) but just like watching TV together and lazing around your home in your night suit is something both your love!

10. But Doesn’t Mean You Don’t Go OutBut doesn’t mean you don’t go out.

You might love to stay at home, but sometimes you also like doing new and interesting thing together. You are always finding out new places to go to or experiences to try as you are not dating for the cause of dating but also for the love of your soul mate’s company!


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