Beard seems to be very disgusting when I was in school. But now need I say more? That rough look is just sexy! It makes a makes him more lusty, adventurous and strong.  Five – day old light or ten – day heavy stubble. This look suits any outfit and guesses what? Women prefer beard men!  But why?  Check out below!

1. A Masculine LookA Masculine look

That gleam look makes your heart beat skip!

2. Looks Bloomed! MatureLooks bloomed matured

Makes them very sincere about life.

3. Makes Kissing Fun! Feel TicklishMakes kissing fun Feel tickish

Makes kissing interesting! You can feel that tickling!

4. That Intimidating Look, In A Good WayMakes kissing fun! Feel tickish

That energetically earthy and sexual look makes women go crazy!

5. Stubble And Short Trim Goes With All OutfitsStubble and short trim goes with all outfits

Whether it is casual, traditional or western anything goes well with short and stubble trim.

6. Bearded Gentlemen Are SexyBearded gentlemen are sexy

The bearded pronounces for them.

7. Beard + Men =  Hotness OverloadedBeard men Hotness overloaded


8. Gives A Strong Edge To Their PersonalityGives a strong edge to their personality

Is there a woman who don’t love strong and confident  personality men

9. No One Calls For A Clean Shaven GuyNo one calls for a clean shaven guy

Clean shaved? No! Women love beards.

10. It Is Great To Run Your Finger Through Those Think *Forest*It is great to run your finger through those think Forest

And rub your cheeks on theirs!

Bearded men, congrats. You have done a great job! Now rock the world.


Hey, this is Pankti, a zealous traveler and an enthusiastic entrepreneur who happens to love solo traveling and business is something that always triggers new life into me. Now my passion and interest have led to turn my profession, creating a business of my own- Crazy Wanderer that deals both in travel and lifestyle as well as digital marketing.

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