It would definitely seem to be biased, considering the fact that a writer is writing this piece, but trust me dating a writer can prove to be one of the best things ever happened your life. If you don’t believe me then for you, here are 10 reasons for why dating a writer is fun.

1. Conversations Will Never Be Boring

Conversations Will Never Be BoringWhether it is a good morning text or a romantic dinner, writers tend to always keep the conversations rolling and interesting.

2. They Will Always See The Best In You

They Will Always See The Best In YouWriters are not pessimistic people. Writers can take the worst parts of you and make them into something more romantic than you ever imagined. That isn’t to say that your bad habits won’t bug us, but at least they won’t become the downfall of the relationship.

3. You Have Your Own Personal Writing Machine

You Have Your Own Personal Writing MachineDating a writer means you will have your personal editor, who can help you fix any piece of writing written by you.

4. Romance Is In Their Blood

 Romance Is In Their BloodYes it is true, writers are really hopeless romantics. A writer will never let the love story grow cold and they will keep it burning by writing something romantic about you.

5. Communication Is Easy

Writers exactly know about what to say, how to say and when to say, which means you will never have to beg them to share their feelings.  You can always have an open conversation with them.

6. They Are Really Good Looking

 They Are Really Good LookingWe all have a very nerdy image of writers. But trust me writers today have turned out to be way more hot and good looking.

7. You’ll Will Be Constantly Learning

Writers are considered to be one of the best learners and they constantly keep on learning something. So dating a writer can help you learn something new and exciting constantly.

8. They Are Well Spoken

Writers are well-spoken people and can easily mingle with your co-workers or family members without you worrying about them putting their foot in their mouth.

9. They Have Interesting Perspective

Writers have an amazing way of taking a bad situation and putting a positive spin on it. They look at life and its events as a story, which lets them take something not so good and turn it into a positive one.

10. You Will Live A Love Story

Dating a writer means that you will live a life that will give you feel of like ones shown in a romantic novel. They will never let you feel unloved and they will always make you feel that how amazing you are.


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