Beards are still highly trending among men today and with time it is getting better and better. A lot of men today are wondering that what are the latest beard styles and how they can grow that type of beards. So here are 10 beard styles which are trending today. 

1. The Victorian Full Beard

The Victorian Full Beard

The full beard craze has spread like wildfire today. With the lights of cricketers like Virat Kohli and actors like Ranveer Singh have made this style a trend among youngsters.

2. The Tight Beard

 The Tight Beard

A tight beard keeps the facial hair very neat and tidy and also within the bounds of facial symmetry. Set your trimmer on the setting of 2-3 millimeter and let it be loose on your face.

3. The Shadow

The Shadow

This style of beard has been supported by a lot of celebrities. It works well if you can grow facial hair quickly and have a good, strong chin.

4. The Tony Stark

The Tony Stark

This style of beard is as awesome as the Marvel’s character it is named after. This may work well on a guy with a strong chin and accentuated jaw line with little face fat.

5. The Spartan

The Spartan

This is actually a full beard at play with a little trim on cheeks and an emphasis on jaw and chin. It may give you a warrior look.

6. The Badass Biker

 The Badass Biker

A very heavy style of beard which provides a very harsh look which makes it a perfect one for bikers.

7. Van Dyke Style

 Van Dyke Style

A very strange style of beard, but it looks really good on a person with thin jaw line.

8. The Wolverine

The Wolverine

If you have the muscles, the jaw line and an innate ability to don’t give a damn, this style of beard is your true calling.

9. Chin Strap

Chin Strap

It is one of the most trending ones today and is perfect for one with a long jawline.

10. Classic Goatee

Classic Goatee

This style of beard consists of a simple thick beard which is worn on the chin. This type of beard is not connected to a mustache. As per its name, it was invented by goats.


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